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Fall DamageBullet MazeStellar HunterWaterfalls 3Bullet Bill 3Pursuit of HatUpgrade CompleteBlitzKringleCrackshotLuminara
Mecha Martyr
4.50 rating
Canyon Defense
4.38 rating
Catnarok Lon...
4.36 rating
Stone Age Sam
4.33 rating
Castle Smasher
4.33 rating
Ragdoll Cann...
4.33 rating
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3 Foot Ninja
The small guy is back again...
A Knight's Ques..
Go on a wild journey to find milk in this humorous oldschool RPG!
Alkie Kong 2
This platformer game should get your brains going since you have to solve puzzles to progress, with plenty of boss fights to keep you on your toes.
Armed With Wing..
Travel through the lands, in a quest to bring justice to the one who destroyed the rebellion army. Armed with an eagle, solve puzzles and beat down ba..
Armed With Wing..
A great evil plagues the earth. Embark on a great journey to end this network of darkness.
Take a journey into the old west and try to discover the mystery of Aurora.
Blue Knight
Explore an alien planet in a mission to clear it of all threats and rise as a knight!
This game is based on the Simon Says game
Chibi Knight
Save the kingdom of Oukoku from the 3 beasts! Play this fun action RPG with big boss battles.
Crystal Story
Crystal Story is a turn based rpg that uses a random dungeon generator. You control four characters and configure what skill sets they learn along the..
Dungeon Cleaner
Dynamic shooter/platformer featuring lots of weapons, enemies and over 80 levels.
Earl Grey
There's a package that must be delivered, and Rupert the Deliveryman delivers any package directly to its owner. But the mansion of Earl Grey is not..
Elephant Quest
Go on an adventure to reclaim your missing bowler cap!
Play as a dwarf, exploring a new world, searching for treasure, and collecting power-ups!
Final Fantasy
Run about the grasslands of this strange place battle with other characters.
Final Fantasy R..
The best role playing game online!
Create your own fortune. Travel the land seeking to destroy the Buccaneers, an evil pirate organization bent on being outlaws... or join the Enforcers..
Galactic 123 Th..
An action / adventure scifi game. Its an interstellar adventure.
Hey Wizard Ques..
The King of Mojo is missing. Combine your spells and set out to rescue him.
Explore in this platformer on a strange alien planet.
Jail Escape
Use your brain to get out of jail
Join a prisoner's journey through dangerous dungeons full of evil minions and tricky traps. Fast paced and difficult action!
Summon and control the undead forces. Conquer the world by slaughtering any human that stands in your way!
Pie Craving
Help your yellow friend get to his beloved pie.
Pirates of the ..
Point and click adventure about an undead pirate at the bottom of the sea.
Project Flame
A demo for the upcoming game Project Flame.
An awesome adventure game in which the story develops as you play along.
Red Beard
Activate the lifts and platforms by collecting the matching colored balls. Collect the gold to complete the level.
Saving the Comp..
Your company is about to go under and you must save the day!
Space Cowboy
Take on the role of a Space Cowboy.
Stone Age Sam
Help Sam survive as a caveman! It's a point and click adventure that makes you think.
Super Adventure..
Legends tell of a retro adventure of two lifetimes.
Super Doggy
Super doggy needs to use his super powers to save the puppies from the evil Lord Claw.
Synapsis 2
Part 2 of the mind bending adventure game, David Carter is again trapped in a series of bizarre rooms which he will need to find some way to escape fr..
The Book of Liv..
A point and click adventure set in the faraway Mountains of Oddness.
The Deeplight E..
Explore a vast labyrinth, recover the Deeplight stone, and restore sunlight to the world.
The Insanity 2
Days ago you lost contact with your team and following their trail you unwittingly fall into the lair of the Dr.Edgar Friendly himself. Is it all make..
The Viking
Go on an adventure with a Viking
Ultimate Tactic..
Choose your missions and travel through the land unlocking hidden treasures, engaging in battles, visiting cities, and looking for new recruits to joi..
Zee and the Ali..
Zee's party is invaded by undercover aliens! Can he destroy the threat and save the party?
Zelda is a nice role playing game.